Stuff I've written

Silly walking - taken seriously

A very serious investigation

Charities Speak

Research report that maps arts and cultural charities in England and Wales

Working with RDF data in python

What is this semantic web you speak of?

Common python interview questions (Part 1)

With a particular focus on mutability, hashing, and garbage collection.

Traversing graphs with tidygraph in R

With a primer on SKOS, breadth-first and depth-first search.

Procedure graphs (and the handshaking theorem)

Analyzing Parliamentary procedure as graphs.

Explaining a sklearn classifier

Taking a peak inside a machine learning black box.

Answers one simple question only. Code here.

Digital Deserts in the Sooner State

Mapping Oklahoma Lifeline Broadband Subsidies with R Shiny

What to Expect When You’re Expecting Lifeline Reform

A Public Interest Perspective on Making Broadband Service Affordable for All

Lifeline Modernization 2015 Comments

Comments to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on the Lifeline Universal Service Program for Low-Income Consumers

Paid Peering, Paid Prioritization, and the Nuance of the Net Neutrality Debate

With a plain English explanation of Internet backbone infrastructure

An Interview with the U.S. Ambassador to Mongolia

Conducted for The Politic undergrad magazine at Yale

My very first web app!

Done for my very first uni programming class